Benefits of AAC
Why Use AAC in Your Projects?


HENNER AAC are approx. one-third the weight of normal concrete. Total foundation cost saving (~20%) can be achieved with HENNER AAC.

Energy Savings

HENNER AAC has excellent thermal insulation. Building constructed with AAC tends to be cooler and comfortable that save energy cost.


You can assured of better wall quality and better finishes with HENNER AAC products. Tolerance for HENNER block is +/-2mm.

Faster Assembly

HENNER blocks are larger and lighter than conventional bricks, thus gives double the installation rate than bricks.

Noise Resistance

HENNER AAC wall provides excellent acoustic insulation that reduce noise pollution for quieter and more comfortable interior for the occupants.

Thermal Insulation

HENNER AAC have an inherent high thermal property and this provides greater efficiency in energy conservation in buildings.

Fire Resistant

HENNER AAC is incombustible with fire rating in excess of 4 hours possible. It does not generate toxic fume that pose a danger to occupants.

Good Workability

HENNER AAC can be sawn, grooved, cut, nailed, etc with available tools that can be found easily in hardware shops.

Environmental Friendly

HENNER AAC helps to reduce at least 30% of environmental waste against conventional brickworks and 50% lesser greenhouse.
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